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Playa Negra

Timeless Waves and Rustic Charms – Playa Negra’s Surfing Haven

Journey back to the roots of surf culture in Playa Negra, where the sands whisper tales of a timeless beach town that proudly embraces its identity as both a sandy haven and a world-class surfing destination. Immortalized in the famed surf film, Endless Summer II, Playa Negra continues to exude chill vibes, epic waves, and an off-the-beaten-path ambiance that captivates with rustic charm, pura vida attitudes, and a [mostly] sandals-and-swimsuit dress code.

As the golden sun kisses the renowned surf and dark sands of Playa Negra, this coastal gem beckons intrepid investors, families, retirees, and seekers of the “old” Costa Rica. Here, authenticity thrives in a beach town where waking to hooting howler monkeys and strolling almost anywhere become daily rituals. Playa Negra extends an invitation to be part of a legacy, where the surf echoes tales of timelessness, and the ground floor for development unfolds at an affordable price.

Immerse yourself in the soulful ambiance of Playa Negra, where every wave narrates a story of surfing heritage, and each sunset paints a canvas of rustic charm. Revel in the opportunity to be part of a beach town that defies time, embracing the spirit of the old Costa Rica while offering a modern allure for those seeking a timeless escape.

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