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Playa Junquillal 

Junquillal Bliss – Where Serenity Meets Surfer´s Paradise

Uncover the hidden gem that is Playa Junquillal – a harmonious blend of a surf town and residential haven that beckons those in search of a rare rural lifestyle, enriched with proximity to essential amenities. This secluded paradise, part surf sanctuary and part residential retreat, offers an idyllic slice of tranquility that seamlessly merges with the rhythms of daily life.

Playa Junquillal captivates with its great waves, a vibrant full-time residential spirit, and undeniable value, making it a cherished secret shared among those who truly know. For those desiring a place that transcends a mere vacation destination and feels more like home, Playa Junquillal strikes the perfect balance – close enough to beach town action yet far enough to escape the tourist throngs.

The real estate market in Playa Junquillal is both intimate and dynamic, with properties swiftly finding new owners. One of the rare places offering Costa Rica’s coveted titled beachfront property, Playa Junquillal stands as a testament to exclusivity and genuine coastal living. Embrace the essence of serenity meeting surfer’s paradise in Junquillal Bliss, where each whisper of the ocean echoes the charm of a lifestyle coveted by the fortunate few in the know. Explore the allure of Playa Junquillal and seize the opportunity to call this coastal haven home.



DAILY $ 419
January 6, 2024

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