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Playa Brasilito

Secluded Paradise of Playa Brasilito – Where Serenity Meets Community

Nestled between Playa Flamingo and Playa Conchal, Brasilito emerges as a quiet and visually stunning haven on Costa Rica’s Pacific coast. The soft, darker sands form a picturesque W shape, framing a view of an enchanting island. This charming fishing village exudes a rustic Tico beach vibe, offering local dining, shops, and the warmth of friendly neighbors.

Brasilito, a place where time seems to slow, is a canvas for fishing, catamaran cruises, scuba diving adventures, and some of the most captivating sunsets in Guanacaste. Secluded sands beg exploration, and tropical flora graces every turn, creating a tapestry of natural wonders. Close enough to conveniences yet maintaining a sense of remoteness, Brasilito welcomes those yearning for the best of both worlds.

In the heart of Brasilito, the CRIA school stands as a beacon of educational excellence, catering to children aged 3 to 18. Accredited by both US and MEP standards, CRIA School adds a layer of educational prestige to the town.

Retirees, families, and digital nomads converge in the diverse mix of Playa Brasilito, contributing to a vibrant local food and cocktail scene. Patagonia del Mar and Deli Cafe become expat favorites, creating a social tapestry that enriches the town’s cultural fabric. The expat community not only forms a supportive network but also actively participates in the harmonious development of Playa Brasilito, making it a truly special coastal haven.

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